NOVEMBER 01, 2016
For two years we have worked with the Aspen Institute and the Center for Rural Entrepreneurship, with funding from the Ford Foundation, to travel through the American South to tell the story of WealthWorks. WealthWorks is an economic development model that centers on strengthening assets rooted in local people, places, and projects. We helped create messaging, uncover stories, and piece together the complex components of WealthWorks in a way that diverse audiences can easily digest.

The following pieces highlights the work of the Carolina Textile District. The collective is working to utilize and champion existing skills in textile manufacturing, as well as train incoming workers. Working in a full spectrum of fashion, and furniture, they are re-examining their industry heritage and operations. Motivated to improve livelihoods, create quality, US-made items, and diversify knowledge, the Caroline Textile District leaders and partners are collaborating to meet modern demand. The energy around the District is electric, and we were thrilled to spend 4 days in the beautiful, mid-North Carolina region to tell their story.