NOVEMBER 01, 2016
We don't work with just anyone.

Don't take that the wrong way. We love working with a huge variety of folks - from some of the oldest companies in America, to fledgling, big-hearted non-profits, and all sorts of clients in between.

There are no hard and fast rules about who we partner with, but we find we do some of our best work when we partner with people and companies with whom we share common values and ideals. One of the best examples of that is Kentucky Select Properties.

What makes a good home? It's the ratio of bedrooms to bathrooms, and the right amount of square feet, sure. But the folks at Kentucky Select know it's about much more than that - that the homes they sell add up to a community, to something bigger.

They know the secret to a successful business lies at the intersection of their clients' happiness and comfort, and making Louisville one of the best communities in the country.

Whether it's donating clothes and food to local elementary schools, picking up trash along River Road, winning national awards for their philanthropic efforts, or spending their free afternoons taking new Louisville residents on tours of the city, Kentucky Select has proven that they're is more than just "trusted direction in real estate" - they're pillars of the Louisville community, and we're proud to call them our friends.

To see more of their story, click here.

Congratulations on 11 years of success, Kentucky Select, and here's to many more!